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“My checkup from after having my son. I was anxious on coming but Dr. Chiang and her team were so welcoming and comforting I never felt so comfortable in a dental office. Very clean and plays classic music to calm your mind. She’s a family practice so my son will be seeing her shortly. Thank you so much for everything you did for me!!!”

- Tina R.

“I went to Dr. Chiang for my first dental checkup in three years, and felt very comfortable the whole time. Getting your teeth cleaned is never pleasant, but Dr. Chiang was efficient, thorough, and attentive. I am very pleased with the results (clean, bright teeth!).

Dr. Chiang was also very patient with me, answering any nervous questions and telling me everything I needed to know about the procedure and the maintenance of my teeth.

Her skill is a given - what I want to emphasize is her absolute thoroughness and friendliness that makes a horror trip to the dentist an enjoyable experience!”

- Jeainny K.

“Wow! Where do I even start? Maybe with how friendly EVERYONE in there is. Or maybe how amazing Dr. Chiang is.

I haven’t been to a dentist in a while (last one scared me off) I started my visit with Dr. Chiang early this year. I was nervous and just wanted to go home, but everyone was so kind and kept telling me it was going to be okay. Dr. Chiang walked me through what we were going to do and why.

I’ve told her I sometimes rush brushing my teeth and she responds "were only human" Who does that?! So understanding!!! And she talks to you like she would to a friend!

You won’t find a place better than Dr. Chiang's office. I actually look forward to my appointments”

- V. V.

“Dr. Chiang & staff are amazing!!!

Can’t remember feeling so comfortable when going to the dentist...she is extremely patient with me since I’m one of her worst patients "a gagger." Thank you Dr. Chiang ,see you soon!”

- Carmen A.

“This has been my second visit with Kristi Chang, DDS, and each time she has always been very punctual to see me, she has explained every procedure in a way that was easy to understand, and she has been gentle when working on my teeth. Usually, I dread the dentist, but being in Kristi's care was calming and an easy experience. Also, all of her staff is very friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable.

The thing I will say about my second visit is that I made an appointment because I felt some pain about a filling I had done. I was worrying about the filling more than I should have. I think most dentist's would have just see me at the consultation office and told me not to worry about it. Kristi took the time out to actually inspect every part of the work she had done on me. She went above and beyond her duties.”

- Jose C.

“I do a lot of research when it comes to my family's health, and am very pleased that I've found Dr. Kristi Chiang during my search. She is very gentle and thorough. She will let you know of any concerns she may have and really does have your best interest in mind. The staff is amazing. They are very kind, sweet, friendly, and social. They'll make you feel quite welcomed and at ease. I had a cleaning done a few weeks ago and there was absolutely no pain. She did a thorough job and did not rush through my cleaning like my previous dentist. Dr. Chiang would also continuously ask you if you were ok or if there was any pain throughout the whole process. I thought that was quite considerate.

Yesterday, I had my two wisdom teeth extracted with Dr. Chiang. I was a little nervous, because in the past the shots would always hurt and I hated that part. With Dr. Chiang, I didn't even feel the shot. The whole process was quick and painless. I'm not swollen, and I barely have any pain post extractions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chiang. Hands down.”

- Hieu H.

“Dr. Chiang is a superb dentist and I'm speaking from the perspective of a dental phobic person who doesn't want anyone touching my teeth. She sets me at ease and the cleaning didn't hurt a bit. I'm stoked that I don't have any cavities! I will recommend her to all my friends.”

- Whitney C.

“Dr. Chiang is the best!! I haven't been to any dentist for a long time because I have this fear of going to any dentist. But after my experience two days ago with her, my perspective and feelings toward dentists changed. She was so gentle with everything, from cleaning to fillings. I really appreciate her concern like she asked me if I was in pain or uncomfortable. She handled it so well, way, way different from my previous dental checkups!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Chiang!! She is very knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and has pleasing personality too! She would make you feel calm. I look forward to my future appointments with her! Thank you so much Dr. Chiang!!”

- Eisha Melissa D.

“Dr. Chiang and her staff are super!!! They will work with your busy schedule and they offer a late night 1 day of the week. She is friendly and professional, and listens intently to patients' concerns. She makes sure that your immediate needs are met and puts your dental health in the highest priority. Give her a call today and make her your new dentist....!!!”

- Judah A.

“Dr. Chiang and her staff are so friendly. Me and my husband have been coming here for a while now and we both love their service. Thanks to her I've gotten compliments on my smile. I really recommend this place!”

- Tania C.

“Dr. Chiang is one of the very few doctors who really has your best interest in mind. She is very professional and ethical. Her front office staff is always so nice and courteous. I would recommend my family and friends to Dr. Chiang if they need a great dentist!”

- Jackie H.

“Dr. CHIANG is absolutely the best dentist doctor I've ever had in my life. Her Staff as well are very welcoming and courteousness they'll treat you like family. I love the fact that I once dared going to the dentist office, now I've learn to embrace my smile and make it a routine to go have my teeth be cared for. I've learn more from Dr. Chiang about my own prophylaxis dental care then any dentistry I've ever went to. Being self-aware of your health help you appreciate the care given. The experience in service I've received has consistently been very thorough. I trust the work and the Staff that I'm in great care. Thanks You Dr. Chiang & Gentle Smiles Dentistry Staff!”

- Diana T.

“Dr. Chiang is probably the best dentist I've ever had. The office staff is very friendly and very accommodating. I came in early to fill out the necessary paperwork and was taken back for x-rays almost immediately after. I've never had an experience where I was seen that quickly! Dr. Chiang was very thorough and only brought things to my attention that were necessary. Needless to say my visit was very pleasant and pain free. I left the office feeling better about my teeth and my smile. Probably the first time I could say I enjoyed going to the dentist! :)”

- Drew R.

“Now let’s see...I really have no idea about going to the dentist since I haven't been since I was 10 so that's 15 years!!! But I know one thing about comparing.

Well I went to a place in Alhambra and here but both places had really great prices, friendly, good service. But I was suggested a few things for my crack tooth the other place told me I had to get a root canal and get it extracted and implanted a crown but here I was told maybe the same thing as the other place but only if the cavity wasn't deeply affect inside my crack tooth so then that there got me trust har har!! LOL like that pirate talk?? I joke but so I went all in with my poker chips here and guess what I didn't need all that extra stuff so Dr. Chiang cleaned up my cavity and filled up my crack tooth and it’s been fine since Feb this year. So far still strong the filling has been keeping up for its part. Yelper dee doo I highly suggest people to come here. Honest service haha nah mean get your money right!!”

- Andry N.

“Searching around I decided to go with Gentle Smiles Dentistry with Dr. Chiang in Anaheim. The office is really close to the 91 and 5 freeway, so I have no problem finding directions. Everyone welcomed me quite warmly and friendly, the office was clean, they even gave me water because it was so warm that day. The doctor was kind enough to answer all my questions. I'll be going back to her soon, making an appointment was easy as 123. I made sure I flossed and brushed before my appointment.”

- Alb C.

“I started going to Dr. Chiang's dental office for my ClearCorrect. I am now done with my case and I'm very happy with the results. I continue to go back for my regular dental check-ups. Here staff is very nice and helpful. I highly recommend her!”

- Andrea G.

“I had to switch dentist and found Dr. Chang through my insurance. I couldn't be any happier and satisfied. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. Dr. Chang is an amazing dentist. She's very thorough, very professional.”

- Ann E.

“If you are looking for that perfect family dentist, Kristi is as good as it gets. The office staff is friendly and always remembers me when I come in. I became a client about 2 years ago and already feel at home with them. I got Invisalign and they gave me a wonderful deal on it. They are always very fair with the prices and talk you through every procedure.”

- Austin V.

“I have been a client of this office for approximately 3 years. All my dental needs are addressed in a timely manner with virtually no pain. I recommend this office to my friends and family!”

- R H.

“Dr. Chiang is a terrific dentist, and Chris is a great hygienist (who works late Thursdays). Very gentle. The staff is helpful and friendly. I've been going here my whole life, even when it meant driving from L.A.”

- Robert M.

“Excellent experience! The staff is very warm and caring, I have been looking for a honest dentist my dentist past away I have been through 3 dentist they were all about the money, I have always taken care of my teeth I get cleanings 4 times a year . When I saw Dr. Chiang she said your teeth our great there are no problems. I finally found an honest dentist and 1 time the dentist did my cleaning and it was the best cleaning I have ever experienced. Now I know if I need something done in the future I will be in good hands .You will not be disappointed.”

- Michelle N.

“I had recently 4 dental implants. After the implant process was completed, Dr. Chiang made a new set of denture & installed the locators on the denture. The denture fits well in my mouth. I am very happy with her service.”

- Tony L.

“I like this place. Dr. Chiang and her mom are wonderful folks. I came in because one of my molar (the back teeth) chipped.

She got this camera that she used to take a before and after pix of my teeth. It’s a special camera that is jam into your mouth. Technology is awesome. I took my iPhone to take a picture of it for myself.

Dr. Chiang is very detailed. I had to come back because my bite was hurting like crazy. Dr. Chiang fixed that right up. No appointment needed.

Receptionist was very friendly. Dr. Chiang is easy to talk to. See you in 6 months :)”

- Champ D.

“I found Dr. Chiang on ZOCDOC over a year ago. My tooth had been hurting me she was able to see me right away. Made me feel very comfortable even gave me her head phones so I could listen to music as she cleaned my teeth lol staff was funny and friendly. I recently went in again for a cleaning she always works with my busy schedule giving me evening appointments. I can honestly say I love my Dentist!”

- Jamie P.

“I've had a hard time finding a good dentist that is gentle and that cares. I happened to meet Kristi through a phone call I was making when looking for a dentist that did root canals with anesthesia per my last dentist who tried to do a root canal on a front tooth and put the novocain in all the wrong places so when she started to drill I went right through the roof. That’s one place I'll never go back. Well Kristi just happened to find me a great oral surgeon and when he was done with his work I promise to go and try her (Kristi) out. Well I did and I'm glad I did. She took her time with me, showed me things I never knew before and did an excellent job fixing my teeth. She also didn't go through trying to find every way to make money. She's an excellent, caring, and very personable doctor. I have very dry mouth due to a pain pump in my stomach due to chronic pain and she has been the first dentist out of hundreds that has been able to give me something that actually helps other than Biotene which doesn’t work. Kristi and her office personnel are all very, very nice and I think I have finally found my dentist. Anybody that doesn’t try out Kristy are nuts. If you like Gentle, see Kristi. She’s knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything in detail for you. You can tell she loves her work and enjoys every minute of it. She's definitely a people person and I now love going to the Dentist. Thanks Kristi.”

- June L.

“I'm a 62 year old man who has never NOT been hurt by a dentist when they numb my mouth with a shot - never once............. until now - I had to have a filling replaced and Dr. Chiang began the process in the usual way... a shot........... usual in every way but one... no pain - let me re-state with emphasis........ NO PAIN!!!!!!!!! EVER - not once and it got me so scared because I was sure there could not be enough medication in my jaw but Dr. Chiang began her work AND no pain - not even once during the entire procedure - this doctor has gotten my attention the right way - NO PAIN.

I hope this helps anyone out there whose fear of a dentist and the pain they generally visit on a patient can be mitigated by seeing Dr. Chiang.”

- Douglas M.

“Dr. Chiang is an amazing dentist! She is the best! I was always scared of dentists but after she did the cleaning and teeth fillings on me, I felt calm and no longer fearful of dentist!! She was gentle all throughout, answered all my concerns and made me feel at ease thank you so much Dr. Chiang! I would definitely recommend her!! I'm looking forward to my next appointments with her!”

- Eisha D.

“Love Dr. Chiang and the ladies here! Always so sweet!”

- Nicole S.

“Had a regular checkup last year. I had a great experience and told her I’ll give her a review but never got to it until a year later...Sorry! First timer in her office. Front desk ladies was wonderful. Kristi was wonderful. No wait time. Great experience. Kristi is very detailed oriented. She talks out loud her finding as she pokes around in my mouth. I find that very helpful and had lots of questions. She took her sweet time answering all my questions. I came to the office at 5:30pm, left around 7pm. Lots of questions =\ I felt well taking care of. Planning to visit her again next month. SEEE YOUUU SOOOON =D”

- David P.

“Love love forever, she is a great dentist and does great work.”

- Theodore G.

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